Connect your head, heart and bottom line.


It all started when...

Julia Sewell realized that she was meeting person after person who was smart, talented and highly capable, but were not getting the support or leadership they needed to flourish professionally and personally. 

As a Master Performance Consultant and Certified Coach, the lens through which Julia wanted to solve this problem was coaching. Coaching had changed Julia's professional life in so many ways, and she knew that dedicating her career to helping others feel that same empowerment and experience that same change was the perfect answer. 

{her}ald Coaching and Consulting was born.



She coaches all professionals who truly want to improve, but Julia has a special passion for coaching women. Listen to her story here.

Coaching Areas


Graduate from “sales person” to “trusted consultant.” No matter what market saturation or skill gap you’re facing, you can become the person people call (instead of you calling them).

Overcoming Challenges

Self-doubt. Market changes. Work-life balance. Aggressive competitors. We all encounter obstacles, but you don’t have to face them alone.


If you’re feeling stressed or like your cup is empty, leadership coaching can help you. Change the way you inspire, engage, and influence team members at every level.

Reaching New Levels

Failing to meet your goals can cost you money and the guilt you feel for falling short. Learn how to make progress that leaves you feeling truly fulfilled.